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We ship our gear boxes anywhere in the continental United States. Delivered direct to your farm.

Farm Irrigation Systems

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Valley Implement is your headquarters for farm irrigation systems, parts and service!

Valley Implement & Irrigation is committed to helping you with your water delivery projects.  We specialize in Zimmatic Irrigation center pivots.  We also stock a complete line of plastic pipe, Wheel lines, and Hand lines for the most efficient water delivery options possible.  See what the Valley Implement experts can do for you.

Let Valley Implement install your new irrigation system!

RUN YOUR PIVOTS FROM YOUR PHONE! FieldNET Mobile features an easy-to-use interface allowing users to monitor and control irrigation equipment from virtually anywhere.

Farm Irrigation system installation near Preston Idaho, Grace Idaho and Logan Utah

Coffey Bird Wrench (Coffey Sprinkler Tool)

This sprinkler tool is designed to easily remove sprinklers from levelers on wheel line irrigation systems. The wrench completely surrounds the brass Hex nut and  exerts equal pressure to firmly lock in the brass nut.

You will now be able to remove sprinkler heads without damaging your system. The Coffey Bird Wrench is available in two sizes:

Large: Fits 30 series sprinkler heads
Small: Fits 20 series sprinkler heads

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Center Pivots installed by Valley Implement near Preston Idaho and Logan Utah

Zimmatic Pivot Irrigation System in Utah
Zimmatic Pivot Irrigation System in Grace Idaho
Valley Pivot Irrigation System in Utah
Zimmatic Center Pivots and Parts in Logan Utah