Haybuster Balebuster Hay Processors

Haybuster Balebuster

Valley Implement carries a full line of Haybuster's Balebuster Line of bale processors provide solutions for bunk feeding, bedding, range feeding, erosion control and odor control on waste water lagoons. Learn more about Models 2100, 2564, 2650, 2655, 2660, 2665, 2800.

Haybuster Balebuster 2800 square bale processor

Haybuster Balebuster 2800

The 2800 is equipped with Dual Action Loading Arms to allow for loading square and round bales into the bale chamber with equal ease. Learn more.
Haybuster Balebuster 2655 Feedwagon

Haybuster 2655 Balebuster

The 2655 speeds up the loading process by allowing each bale to be lifted separately. The bale loader also carries a second bale. Learn more.

Haybuster 2650 Balebuster - Bale Processor

Haybuster 2650 Balebuster

The 2650 shredder chamber will process bales in any condition; wet, frozen, old, new, or with flattened bottoms. Learn more.