Farmet Tillage Equipment

Farmet Tillage Equipment USA dealer in Utah and Idaho

Valley Implement in Preston Idaho and Logan &Tremonton Utah has the Farmet Tillage, Sowing and Fertilizer equipment for your farm. Choose from the Deep cultivators, Chisel cultivators, Combined Cultivators, Disc cultivators, Presowing cultivators and Rollers.

Deep cultivators

Farmet Subsoiler Digger has a special shape of loosening chisels provides excellent penetration into the densely packed soils with very low traction resistance.

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Chisel cultivators

Farmet Chisel Cultivators Loosen soil with chisel cultivators, 2 to 5 rows of working parts, and soil processing depth from 4 to 35 cm.

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Disc cultivators

Farmet Disc Cultivators provide all-area soil cultivation with light and medium-heavy disc cultivators. Softer NS, PS & Pro, Diskomat N.

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Presowing Cultivators

Farmet Seedbed combinator Kompaktomat NS provides perfect loosening of the tracks which eliminates uneven emergence of plants after sowing.

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Farmet Rollers

Farmet Crumbling and Cambridge Rollers provide intensive clod crushing and soil capillarity restoration for even plant emergence.

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Fertilization Application

Farmet Cultivators with fertilization provide basic soil cultivation with fertilizer application at several horizons. Dispensing hoppers & Slurry application.

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Buy your Farmet Equipment from our Valley Implement stores in Utah and Idaho. Sales, parts and service for Northern Utah, Southeast Idaho and Western Wyoming.